About us

Brix and Stix started in the small town of Twin Falls, Idaho. Sisters who love soaking up nature from the outdoors, were craving a line of high-end organic products with natural ingredients infused with botanicals. There are so many nourishing and healing properties found growing all around us. Now they can continue soaking up nature no matter where they go.

Our handcrafted products only contain carefully gathered ingredients from the earth. Just like bricks and sticks build long-lasting foundations from the strength of nature, our company, Brix and Stix, will help you build a long-lasting foundation for healthy skin and well-being.

Step away from synthetics and ground yourself in nature. Ditch your old products and make the natural switch. You'll never regret building your foundation naturally.

Because we love nature, we didn't want to use any packaging that would harm it. We use 100% zero-waste packaging on all our products.