Caffè Latte Milk Bath
Caffè Latte Milk Bath
Caffè Latte Milk Bath
Caffè Latte Milk Bath
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Caffè Latte Milk Bath

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With Caffè Latte, you can now take your favorite part of the morning and experience it any time of the day! The ground coffee works to gently exfoliate old-skin layers while the coconut milk keeps the new layers protected. Coffee also aids in reducing inflammation, dark circles, and cellulite. The strong scent of coffee will fill the room with a hot, fresh brew and have you thinking good thoughts with every breath.

C O F F E E  botanical family: Rubiaceae

C O C O N U T botanical family: Arecaceae

  • organic
  • paraben-free
  • gluten-free
  • talc-free
  • preservative-free
  • fragrance-free
  • cruelty-free 
  • eco-friendly

4.0 Ounce

Made with a little help from Mother Nature. Ingredients: Coconut Milk Powder, Epsom Salt, Ground Coffee Beans, Magnesium, Essential Oils.