Botanical Soak Stix

Our Botanical Bath Salt Stix are the pinnacle of luxury. We combine premium bath salts, such as Dead Sea Salt and Celtic Salt, with soothing essential oils and beautifying botanical elements to give you a deeply relaxing experience. Physically, bath salt soaks ease aching muscles, stimulate circulation, and soothe irritated skin. Emotionally, bath salt soaks decrease stress and anxiety, increase calmness, and encourage restful sleep. Bring peace to your body and your soul with the wholesome benefits of our Botanical Bath Salt Stix.

Our Botanical Milk Bath Stix add an even extra level of luxury and indulgence. The creamy coconut base will pamper your skin to a degree that cannot be experienced in any other way. The soft contrast between the milky water and botanical elements creates an atmosphere that is as beautiful to the eye as it is beneficial to the body. Containing only natural, organic ingredients, sustainably harvested, you can indulge worry-free!