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Our handcrafted products only contain carefully gathered organic ingredients from the earth. Just like bricks and sticks build long-lasting foundations from the strength of nature, our company, Brix & Stix, will also help you build a long-lasting foundation for healthy skin and well-being.

Step away from synthetics and ground yourself in nature by soaking up the healing benefits it offers. Build your foundation naturally.

It's Time to Change. It's Time to be Free.

Aluminum- free Baking Soda-free Gluten-free Talc-free Fragrance-free Phthalates-free Preservative-free Parabens-free Cruelty-free

Botanical Soap Brix

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Botanical Soak Stix

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We believe in creating products that only contain clean ingredients and are 100% eco-friendly!

From our ingredients to our packaging, we only use the best. We pack our products with the purest ingredients we can find that would give your skin the most benefit. Since we gather our supplies from the earth, we want to take care of mother nature. So, our packaging is 100% recycle, reusable, and biodegradable.